Karina Kebaya Batik | KN09

RM229.00 RM189.00

Indulge yourself with the delicacy of luxury motif of Indonesian Batik infused with Malaysian modern kebaya-cut. Perfect match between classic and contemporary. KARINA Kebaya Batik is fabricated from high quality fabrics to provide day-long comfort. Be part of #kebayabatiklifestyle and enjoy the great experience of our signature KARINA Kebaya Batik.




  • Material: Plain Hanako
  • V-neckline
  • Front zipper (breastfeed friendly)
  • Semi-stretch fabric
  • Opaque (non-see through)


  • Material: Embossed Cotton Batik
  • Mid-rise waist
  • “Kain-Lipat Batik” Skirt cut
  • Semi-elastic waistband with side zipper and hook fastening
  • Hard to wrinkle and easy to iron
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